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At Chiida Academy, our vision transcends the physical art of Nuad Thai Massage; we strive to immerse our students in the rich tapestry of Thai culture itself.

Recognizing the profound connection between the healing techniques and the cultural ethos from which they originate, we are dedicated to promoting Nuad Thai and Thai culture across Europe and beyond. Accredited by world-renowned Thai institutes, Chiida Academy stands as a bridge between East and West, offering authentic training and certification right here in Europe.

Our mission is not just to teach, but to enlighten, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of this ancient practice and its roots in Thai heritage.

Two decades ago, Chiida Academy embarked on a journey, grounded in the passion for sharing the healing touch of Nuad Thai Massage with the world.

Over the years, we've grown from a humble spa and massage business into an esteemed institution, accredited by internationally recognized Thai institutes.

Our history is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and the unwavering belief in the power of cultural exchange.

Alongside our growth, we've forged strong partnerships with European and Global institutes, marking milestones not just in our expansion, but in our quest to bring a piece of Thai culture to learners far from its shores.

Each step of our journey reflects our commitment to excellence and the deep-rooted values that define us.

The heart of Chiida Academy beats with the dedication and expertise of our team.

Comprised of certified instructors and professionals, each member brings a wealth of experience, a passion for Nuad Thai Massage, and a profound respect for Thai culture.

Our instructors are not just teachers; they are ambassadors of Thai heritage, accredited by the very institutes that have nurtured the traditions of Nuad Thai.

With backgrounds that span the globe, our team's diversity enriches our academy, providing students with a multifaceted understanding of massage and wellness.

United by a common goal, we work hand in hand to inspire, educate, and transform our students into skilled practitioners who appreciate the depth and beauty of Nuad Thai.

Our Partner Network

Chiida Academy is proud to collaborate with a distinguished network of organizations to offer unparalleled training and certification in Nuad Thai Massage and related wellness practices.

Our partnerships are more than affiliations; they are a testament to our commitment to excellence and diversity in education. By working closely with internationally renowned institutes and specialized learning centers, we bridge traditional Thai massage techniques with a variety of global wellness practices.

This collaborative approach not only enhances our curriculum but also provides our students with a rich, culturally-informed educational experience, certified by some of the most prestigious names in the field of massage and wellness.

WatPo Thai Traditional Medical School

WatPo stands as a pillar of traditional Thai medicine and massage education, known globally for its comprehensive teaching of Nuad Thai and associated wellness practices. As the cradle of traditional Thai massage knowledge, its methods and teachings are revered worldwide. Our partnership with WatPo enables Chiida Academy to offer a curriculum steeped in the ancient wisdom and techniques perfected at this esteemed institution. Students benefit from an authentic lineage of knowledge, learning from courses that mirror the depth and integrity of WatPo’s traditional medical school teachings, right here in Europe.

International Training Massage School (ITM)

The International Training Massage School (ITM) is a beacon for students worldwide, offering specialized instruction in Thai massage with a focus on stretching techniques. ITM’s commitment to fostering international understanding and appreciation of Thai wellness practices makes it a perfect partner for Chiida Academy. Through this collaboration, we bring ITM’s revered courses to Europe, allowing students to access world-class training without traveling to Thailand. This partnership enriches our offerings with unique stretching methodologies and international perspectives, ensuring our students receive a holistic and comprehensive education in Thai massage.

Reflexo Vital

Reflexo Vital, based in Romania, is a leading academy specializing in western massage styles and comprehensive anatomy education. Known for their retreat programs and a strong focus on hands-on learning, Reflexo Vital brings a valuable dimension to our partner network. Our collaboration enables Chiida Academy to incorporate western massage techniques and anatomical insights into our curriculum, offering students a well-rounded understanding of massage therapy. Additionally, through this partnership, we are able to offer combined courses and extend our Nuad Thai training to the enriching retreats organized by Reflexo Vital, bridging eastern and western wellness philosophies.

International Massage Association (IMA)

Chiida Academy is honored to partner with the International Massage Association (IMA), a pioneering organization that introduced the concept of competitive sport elements into the massage industry. Founded just seven years ago, IMA has quickly become a leader in hosting massage championships, drawing participants from across the globe. This partnership not only highlights the competitive spirit within the massage community but also offers our students exposure to a wide range of techniques and the opportunity to engage in events that celebrate excellence in massage therapy. Through IMA, we embrace the diverse and dynamic nature of massage as both an art and a sport, providing a platform for our students to showcase their skills on an international stage.