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Step into the tranquil world of Chiida Academy, where the timeless wisdom of Nuad Thai Massage awaits to unfold.

Here, amid whispers of ancient traditions, we honor the sacred practice of Thai massageā€”a path to healing that weaves together the body, mind, and spirit.

Our academy offers a sanctuary for souls on a quest for knowledge and harmony, providing courses that cater to seekers of all levels.

Whether you are embarking on your first steps towards self-discovery or deepening your connection to the healing arts, Chiida Academy invites you to journey with us.

Embrace the art of touch and unlock the doors to inner peace and wellness.

Our Events

Retreats of Rejuvenation: Where Healing Meets Discovery

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Thai massage with Chiida Academy’s bespoke events and get-aways.

Crafted for those who find solace in the rhythms of nature and the depth of human connection, our retreats offer a harmonious blend of learning and spiritual rejuvenation.

In settings that evoke the serene landscapes of Thailand, our gatherings are a celebration of community, wellness, and the pursuit of self-mastery.

Under the guidance of our revered instructors, you will explore the depths of Nuad Thai Massage, finding balance and tranquility.

Join us on this soulful journey, and let the ancient art of Thai massage illuminate your path to self-discovery and inner peace.